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Lebron James’ Blaze Pizza debuts cauliflower crusts

The pizza chain part-owned by Lebron James will make their cauliflower gluten-free crusts available from 7th May.

Despite being one of the blandest vegetables, cauliflower is enjoying success amongst foodies. Now it’s being used as a crust for pizzas at Blaze Pizza, a California-based chain. The brand boasts celebrity investors such as Maria Shriver, LeBron James, John Davis, and Tom Werner, co-owner of the Boston Red Sox.

Blaze Pizza is set to open its fifth Palm Beach County location on Tuesday 7th May and offer two new crusts: cauliflower gluten-free crust with added vegetables and a low-carb crust.

Cauliflower as a crust? It’s not for me but I’m sure people will lap it up in a pursuit to eat healthier. I guess? I don’t know.

For more information about the pizza franchise, head over to this Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza Franchise Review.

(via Fast Casual)

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