Kurt Cobain ate pizza off a paper plate and it sold for $22,400

I’ll let you digest that thought like he did the pizza.

Stans are everywhere and some have more money than sense. A paper plate Kurt Cobain ate some pizza off sold for $22,400 on Saturday 18th May 2019.

The pizza grease stain isn’t all the bidder won – Cobain wrote a set list from a Nirvana gig held in 1990. Other items sold in the auction included a green sweater he wore during Nirvana’s last ever shoot in 1993, which went for $75,000. It was expected to go for between $10,000 and $20,000.

Anyway, here’s The Lost Society’s Nirvana Pizza which has nothing to do with the iconic grunge band, a divine state of being, or a divine plate of pizza. Bon appetite!

(via Kerrang)

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