Month: April 2019

Benjamin Franklin eyeing up a pizza profit

Domino’s Pizza Profits Bring In The Dough

Domino’s, Coca-Cola, and Hershey’s collectively outperformed the S&P 500. There are plenty of ways to make some bread, but the dough needn’t rise solely on your favourite pizza. Domino’s announced profits of $2.20 per share on 24th April and since 2010, the company’s share price has increased more than 3,000%. Alongside that, Coca-Cola reported a […]

Pizza Snapback

Grab A Pizza Snapback From Trill Dad

The collaboration with Stay Weird Forever “takes the classic westcoast snapback and celebrates the food everyone loves to love.” Well, almost everyone. A black pizza snapback is very “On Brand” for me and could be for you too. The Trill Dad x Stay Weird Forever collab cap comes in at $28 which is a nice […]

Ramen Crust Pizza

Here’s A Ramen Crust Pizza Recipe For You

Add a flavour of the Far East to your pizza with a ramen crust. We’re in 2019 with our dough-based pizza crusts while people are in 3019 munching on ramen crusts. In all “seriousness”, SeriousEats created a recipe for a ramen crust pizza back in 2015. The mastermind behind the recipe was J. Kenji López-Alt. […]

Lee Jihee project - I Love Pizza

Pretty Paper Pizza Party

Graphic designer Lee Jihee creates a pizza banquet using nothing but paper. Our tagline is We Love Pizza so it’s fitting that one of our first articles is about a project called I Love Pizza. It comes from Korean designer Lee Jihee who also specialises in papercraft. You can find more of these on Lee […]