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Ben Fearnley has created emergency food kits including one for emergency pizza slices.
Art & Design

Break the glass for a slice of emergency pizza

Ben Fearnley has created emergency food kits including one for emergency pizza slices. Sometimes, you just need some pizza. There’s no rhyme or reason to it but a slice will hit the spot. Ben Fearnley channelled this unspoken necessity with his personal project called “In Case of Emergency”. “I played on people’s cravings adding a […]

Pizza typefaces

Grab a slice of typography with Pizza Typefaces

Two French type designers are behind Pizza Typefaces, offering some clean and minimal fonts at affordable prices. I like pizza and I like typefaces. The good news is there are lots of cool fonts on Pizza Typefaces. The bad news is there isn’t any pizza. But you can’t have everything in this world. According to […]

Blaze Pizza

Lebron James’ Blaze Pizza debuts cauliflower crusts

The pizza chain part-owned by Lebron James will make their cauliflower gluten-free crusts available from 7th May. Despite being one of the blandest vegetables, cauliflower is enjoying success amongst foodies. Now it’s being used as a crust for pizzas at Blaze Pizza, a California-based chain. The brand boasts celebrity investors such as Maria Shriver, LeBron […]

Benjamin Franklin eyeing up a pizza profit

Domino’s Pizza Profits Bring In The Dough

Domino’s, Coca-Cola, and Hershey’s collectively outperformed the S&P 500. There are plenty of ways to make some bread, but the dough needn’t rise solely on your favourite pizza. Domino’s announced profits of $2.20 per share on 24th April and since 2010, the company’s share price has increased more than 3,000%. Alongside that, Coca-Cola reported a […]

Pizza Snapback

Grab A Pizza Snapback From Trill Dad

The collaboration with Stay Weird Forever “takes the classic westcoast snapback and celebrates the food everyone loves to love.” Well, almost everyone. A black pizza snapback is very “On Brand” for me and could be for you too. The Trill Dad x Stay Weird Forever collab cap comes in at $28 which is a nice […]

Ramen Crust Pizza

Here’s A Ramen Crust Pizza Recipe For You

Add a flavour of the Far East to your pizza with a ramen crust. We’re in 2019 with our dough-based pizza crusts while people are in 3019 munching on ramen crusts. In all “seriousness”, SeriousEats created a recipe for a ramen crust pizza back in 2015. The mastermind behind the recipe was J. Kenji López-Alt. […]